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We have been cleaning carpets, killing bugs, and cleaning duct work for over 30 years. We are a local company, not a franchise, so when you call us, you will speak to a human! We care about our customers and what they think of our work. With a lot of the bigger customers, one unhappy customer isn't a big deal, with us it is a major thing and something we will remedy as soon as we can.

Flea Guarantee

We are offering a special on fleas right now! Protect the pets you love by calling today. We will treat the yard and the home and guarantee no flea problems. The guarantee will last till September 1st (covers peak flea season). Call us today for more information at 251-990-6799 Don't forget to ask about our other services as well. Still offering carpet cleaning 3 standard sized rooms for only 99.00.

Duct Work cleaning

Now is the time to seriously think about getting your ducts cleaned and sanitized. As you know as the temperature goes up, mold and bacteria grow at peak rates. This can be accelerated if you live in a wet climate (as most of us here on the Gulf Coast do). So let's get those AC Ducts cleaned and sanitized now so that you can breath easier! Call us for a quote at 251-990-6799 or just click on the quotes tab!

More Specials!!

Carpet cleaning 3 rooms for $99.00! Pest control service starting as low as 45.00!! Mold inspection and remediation and HVAC cleaning and sanitation 10% off! Ask us about our odor control services.

January Specials

Bug Car

Act now and save!
Currently offering 3 normal rooms steam clean for only $99.95
Call us now and ask about our Duct Cleaning Special!
Pest control services 15% off for all new customers!
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